Procedural Law

Chairperson : Mr R Chidawanyika




1. Mr R Chidawanyika

LLB (UFH), LLM (UCT), PhD Candidate. Civil Procedure and Advanced Civil Procedure

2. Mr B Dube

LLB Hons (UZ), LLM Candidate,Open University of Tanzania, Tanzania. History of Roman Dutch Law and Evidence.

3. Mr C Mashoko

BL, LLB Hons (UZ) Legal Ethics and Clinical  and Practical Skills Training.

4. Mr I Hore

LLB Hons (UZ) Criminal Law and  Criminal Procedure.

5. Mr M Mhishi

LLB Hons (UZ), MBA, (UZ) Conveyancing and  Notarial Practice.

6. Mrs L Mapuva

LLB (Hons) & LLM, UWC, South Africa, Accounting for Legal Practitioners and Child Law.