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Welcome to the E-learning services section of th e Midlands State University website.

From this e-learning section, lecturers can submit learning material onto the website.

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E-Learning Features

  • Download Learning materials from your lecturers.
  • Communicate in an organized manner with your Lecturers.
  • Discuss with your class-mates.
  • Submit your assignments online.
  • Check your results online.
  • View your Online Transcript and download as a PDF document.
  • View your personalized learning and examination timetable.
  • Track your student ID card.



Library E-resources Use Survey at Midlands State University
You are invited to take part in the MSU Library e-resources use survey which is aimed at establishing how the University community is interacting with and making use of e-resources to address their academic research needs.
The following link takes you to the survey form which will take you about 3-5 minutes to complete.

Drug Abuse
Costitution Amendment-Online Contribution

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